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I acknowledge that I have received a copy of, and I retain all responsibility for compliance with the Dunham Marsh Pool Club Rules and Regulations of any kind by my family and guests. I certify that the information on this form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and acknowledge my responsibility to update it as changes occur. I acknowledge that whether or not I transfer these rights, I retain all responsibility for compliance with all Dunham Marsh covenants, rules, and regulations of any kind by any resident and guests of the property I own in Dunham Marsh. I agree to inform any Lessee(s) of these requirements and provided them with a copy or access to a copy, of the Dunham Marsh Covenants,Design Guidelines, and Pool Club Rules & Regulations. I am requesting to receive Pool Club passes, codes, and keys, and I acknowledge that there will be a fee to replace a lost key, pool pass or lanyard or reprogram any lost codes. I understand that my Pool Club Membership will be suspended for sharing or distributing any code, key, or pass. Download rules and regulations.

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